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Stratton Creek Farms baby Nigerian Dwarf goats
Stratton Creek Farms Black Copper Maran Chickens
Stratton Creek Farms

Nestled on a small hill within a valley lies our sweet little homestead in central Arkansas. Our charming country home was built right in front of our leading  farms namesake; the beautiful and peaceful Stratton Creek. The days here are spent gathering fresh chicken eggs, tending the animals, and collecting fresh goats' milk while establishing deep-set family roots.


Our farm specializes in breeding and raising quality Nigerian Dwarf goats and we are members of both the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) & the American Goat Society (AGS)We sell goat milk when available. Please message us with any interest!

We also breed pure-bred Black Copper Marans chickens and sell hatching eggs and consumable eggs. Connect with us by phone, Facebook, or email if you would be interested in purchasing.

Thanks for visiting & please look around!

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