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Sales Policy

Stratton Creek Farms reserves the right to retain any animal at anytime. 

Goats are herd animals and should be treated and maintained as such. No goats will be sold to single-goat owners. All prospective buyers should either already own goats or have plans to purchase multiple goats.


Stratton Creek Farms offers a free waiting list. Each prospective buyer on the list will be welcome to choose from everything available at that particular time. Once a prospective buyer has been notified, 48 hours will be allotted for a response before moving onto the next person on the waiting list. A $50, non-refundable deposit, is required per kid chosen to be paid immediately in order to hold a particular goat.



Stratton Creek Farms maintains a clean, annually-tested negative herd. All adult goats, one year of age or older, receive testing for CAE, CL & Johnes. Results are available for viewing at the farm only. Although all goats are guaranteed healthy and up to date upon pickup, we cannot guarantee their care after leaving our premises, therefore, we cannot guarantee their health past that time. All buyers are responsible for checking goats for disqualifying traits and health concerns before leaving Stratton Creek Farms.

Transport & Pickup

All buyers are responsible for pickup and shipping arrangements, including any costs associated. All dam-raised kids must be picked up by 12 weeks of age. After that time, a daily fee will accrue for care and maintenance. Bottle kids are not common at our farm but we do sell them on occasion. Bottle kids will need to be picked up ASAP. We will not hold for weeks.

Registration, Tattoo & Disbudding

All goats will be sent home with their registration papers, will be tattooed accordingly, and disbudded. If a buyer prefers for an animal to NOT be disbudded and purchased WITH horns, disbudding may be skipped with a 100% down, non-refundable total cost payment.

Thank you

While it is imperative for prospective buyers to do individual research in goat care, I will provide any requested information and care instructions. We love and care for every animal on our farm and absolutely want the best future for them as well as a healthy and easy transition into their new homes. Thank you for inquiring!

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